When a 1990’s high school punk band sets out to win the most important contest of their lives, things get tangled by a jealous rival, scary gangbangers, and two idiots who bungle an armed robbery.


On April fools day 1993, bored teens, Michael and Eddie cruise the streets of Albuquerque looking for kicks. In an act of vandalism, they destroy the mirrors of four cherry low-riders owned by the Saavedra bros., a hispanic family from "Martinez Town".


Meanwhile, their favorite local punk band ‘The Annoyed’ led by Adrian and Kyle, gear up for their appearance in the final round of the Battle of the Bands.


We are introduced to Gisele, a transplant from Florida and a musician in her own right, as she is embroiled in a triangle of desire between Adrian and Chad, the lead singer of rival band ‘Hütch’, a pop punk trio made up of twenty-somethings.


Michael and Eddie, end up owing the Saavedra boys $700. In a stroke of stupidity, Eddie decides the best way to pay them back, is to stage a robbery at the sandwich shop where Michael works.


Chad floods the practice space for The Annoyed, ruining their equipment and putting their success in limbo. Everything seems hopeless.

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