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The Team

Who We Are


Damian Drago


Damian Drago is a Director and multitalented post-production professional and film editor. His credits include 

upcoming THE FREE FALL and HEREDITARY among many others, along with television shows like the breakout Hulu/Blumhouse horror anthology series INTO THE DARK, and the acclaimed Netflix hit MIDNIGHT MASS.

Jesse Randell


Jesse Randell is a producer, writer and composer based in

Oakland California. He spent his formative years in

Albuquerque NM and has since been actively performing

and producing in the San Francisco Bay Area for the

past 25 years.

Tara Tovarek 2.jpg

Tara Tovarek

Line Producer

Tara is a resident of New Mexico whose impressive list of

feature-film UPM credits include: "Dead for a Dollar"

starring Cristoph Waltz and Willem Dafoe “Deadly

Illusions;”(Netflix) "The New Yorker Presents;"(Amazon)

“The Dead of Night;”(Yet Another Distribution

Company) and “Running with the Devil”(Quiver

Distribution) starring Nick Cage and Laurence Fishburne.

Luis S. Canete CSA

Casting Director

Luis S. Canete, CSA is an American casting director and

proud member of the Casting Society of America that

works in both Los Angeles and New York.

Currently, Luis & team are casting High Adventure along

with a multiple season TV series called Glow & Darkness

with Jane Seymour, Joan Collins, Mira Sorvino, Ed

Westwick, Eduardo Noriega, Denise Richards, Steven

Berkoff & Bruce Davison leading the US/UK/EU cast.

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