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"Never Take the Shortcut"- George Donner 1847

After a mountain car accident, Nayeli, a Social Media influencer, embarks on a nightmarish journey to survive the worst blizzard to hit the Sierras since the Donner Party. She faces starvation while caring for her critically injured boyfriend, before a cannibalistic serial killer captures her for his dark harvest.



A young couple, Jacob and Neyeli are on a camping trip in the mountains when the weather begins to turn unseasonably bad. While on their way to a Cabin, Jacob decides to take a short cut through an unmarked road with an open gate.


The conditions worsen and Jacob ends up skidding out on a hairpin turn, launching the small car off the road and into the trees. The car finally comes to rest in the valley below but the young couple are knocked unconscious.


Waking up hours later, they realize that Jacob is pinned inside the wreckage. When Neyeli is finally able to free him, they discover that the ragged metal had, in fact sliced an artery and the pressure of being pinned kept the wound sealed. They manage to staunch the blood in the nick of time.


The struggle to survive and get rescued is very real. They spend several nights in the car in white-out conditions, subsisting on melted snow and road snacks. Finally, there’s a break in the weather and Neyeli digs herself out and tries to climb to the road. While she’s out there the blizzard kicks up and she gets separated from the car.


Meanwhile, back in the normal world; their best friends, Jackie and Maddie, who have been waiting for them, have enlisted the help of the sheriff and park rangers to find the couple. The weather is too bad for an aerial search so they bide their time by putting up posts on social media and contacting the press.


Neyeli finds her way back to the car and Jacob only to have him attacked by a hungry Grizzly in the small hours of the morning. Jacob is further injured but survives the encounter. Neyeli brings him back to camp and tries in vain to nurse him back to health.


While she is out trying to pull together enough supplies for a rescue signal, Jacob succumbs to his wounds and dies. After giving up from despair, Neyeli hears a plane in the distance and it motivates her enough to push through and get a signal fire going.


The plane fades and she is unsure if it saw her smoke. Mentally and physically, she is at the end of her rope and begins hallucinating that Jacob is still alive and telling her to eat him to survive. She even goes as far as cutting a chunk off of his leg to eat. She tries, but she can’t do it and falls unconscious from bitter exhaustion.


Neyeli finds herself in a comfy bed; in a warm and inviting cabin. Her rescuer is Ron Woodcock, a local outdoor enthusiast and organic farmer. He nurses her back to health for a week and soon regales her with his odd fascistic philosophy. Once it becomes clear that she is very uncomfortable and would like to leave, he drugs her.


She wakes in a basement strapped to a table. Ron, it turns out, is the infamous local cannibal serial killer "The Butcher". She endures several days in a drugged haze as he meticulously removes her appendages. She finally manages to attack Ron with a hammer and escape. In the ensuing chase through the snow, Ron attempts to take her down with a high powered rifle. Finally he is attacked by the same Grizzly bear who took out Jacob. In the end, Neyeli makes it back to her campsite, where Jackie and Maddie rescue her. 

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